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Exhaust sound resounds from afar.Why does Google not evaluate the image?Respect to the image, it is not evaluated.Is not squeezed out the there is no sentence that I wrote.Moreover, in English.Not a deep bass, lighter of the sound.Shadow, such as insects.Color white. Air intake without any exhaust amount is also small.If you look at the figure reflected on the silver of the window glass of the right beside the building, it seems the mantis to catch prey.The red silhouette which approaches the rear.Half in comparison with Chevrolet Camaro.The exhaust sound that an engine seems to scream.There is extremely little output.It is an impression to think of to be mr2 of Toyota, but is smaller.The white car leading on this side approaches in a curve in 150 kilos over at the side of the coastal line road.He run off in 100 kilos over recently in an enlarged high-rise apartment street.Of course he does not have the rule.The young man of the white car has only speed.It is a dependency.Well, He think that it is not serious.There is the car of the terrible horsepower in the world.He attached a turbo to the car of the displacement volume that was smaller than it.He thinks.He looks at the rearview mirror while smoothing hair upward.Displacement volume of the car which I am going to catch up with from behind is 660cc.ven if pick me up, and change it, and perform an engine; around 1,500cc.Well, there is not it for the purpose of his of the red car winning.His car is just right for a Japanese small road.As for the air-conditioner, the inside of car is small; is referable, and is numb.He run straight in route Route 1. It is not a true straight line even if I say straight in Japan.Tokyo will not have the straight way which can separate a steering wheel.Across the Tama River, I look at the delicious hamburger steak shop on the right side.A railroad crossing spreads out to the left."I may separate distance by Haneda if the same."It makes a U-turn if I arrive to Haneda and turns right at cyclic Route 8.1KM has rx-8 and a distance of the red car.Time is about 5:30 a.m.Of course it is Sunday.It is always congested on weekdays of Tokyo. London and a traffic jam not to change.He came to this side of Haneda.He recollected ten years ago incidentally.It is not the cool recollection such as the novel.The car which he bought ten years ago is Fairlady.He was hard to maintain a car and worked hard at a part-time job.It is not 240z which is famous in the United States.It is the shark face.He likes Camaro what is good.It is sensitivity peculiar to him, but thinks that Fairlady resembles Camaro plenty.I cannot possess Camaro, but still think that I want Camaro someday.Camaro comes out by movies well and.He delivered it by a part-time job.There are many ways of the one way in this side of Haneda.Besides, width is narrow.It is great that a Japanese small car goes.He delivers sushi, and form collapses when the tuna warms.It is necessary to send it quickly.He will go round two times of same ways when he lose an address.He approached the last straight line to forget in unpleasant thought and stepped with an accelerator.There should be the differences more than 1km with backward az-1.I forgot to say it, but another one participates halfway.As it is not a race, there are not the feelings in turn.When he arrived at Haneda, I approached was gentle, curving.Of course I do not come in the runway like a movie.In this side, the car relaxes even if I say Haneda.When I go to the foreign countries, I enter Haneda at the Metropolitan expressway side.There are few people getting off a subway in this one.Is it a person strolling in an airplane enthusiast or the riverside?Well, an airport-related person or a university student will be Maine.10km was the former Setagaya area, but, as for the go of the race, it was still decided that he stopped a race and waited for az-1.When He started, it was three people.Mazda where another one has many enthusiasts abroad.The color is a roadster of the blue.A wheel was white, but changes it to the black as of course I feel awkward.He add a red line to an outline and attach an accent.As he lives at around 50 years old along the national highway, I only come together.The roadster holds a hood and makes it open.As the hood was weak in the rain, and a leak made it, He seemed to create the garage with the roof by himself in the home.Thanks to the grace, the painting is hard to discolor, too.It is his stock argument, but thinks that you should not expose the car to the direct rays of the sun.Red in particular or an orange or the yellow are quick in fading.In addition, the worst rust is hard to come out to metal.A car is old; was referable, but changed an alternator, and seemed to repair the jamming of the air-conditioner more last time.When he of rx-8 smokes around the firefighting station of the area across the bridge; of a roadster and the red blue behindWhile az-1 traveled side by side, I came over.After three cars parking on some this side of the firefighting station, and having said hello, they got in rx-8The rear seat was very narrow, but decided to endure it near as there was not the cafeI returned on the national highway in the plan and was going to turn right at cyclic 8, but decided to enter fast on the way, and to aim even at the Yokohama area while running in Shinagawa, the Meguro area.He said that he of az-1 wanted to go to Odaiba across the Rainbow Bridge in Metropolitan expressway Route 1.It is only a facility buying around Meguro and.I may come across a rare car in Odaiba.In the large parking lot, the wheelspin is possible, too; do it For example, the rare car which he of rx-8 looked at is Ferrari f40.As exterior wanted to see a toy, it may be a replic The group of beetles that enthusiasts gather in it.But there was not the interest as he did not like the round car.The one that is reorganized for military use in same Volkswagen is cool.On the contrary, there is the thing which remodel Porsche 911, and makes an overfender, but is pure; an original "he likes colors.As the strange car was not seen, three people entered the stand.Eyes performed it in a gypsum image put in the corner as soon as he of az-1 was from a university of fine arts and entered the shop.The gypsum image seems to be called Brutus, but he is slightly getting tired probably because he considers it to be several hundred times.Three people ordered a hamburger and sat at the seat.The rotation is only a delivery supplier or a family going even to Chiba from now on.Of course I cannot see the beautiful woman that eyes protrude.It is a custom he of the roadster attaches a red pepper or wasabi to a hamburger, and to eat.As I put only ketchup in the shop, he bought the garlic which I grated of the souvenir and picked it up.He is a man eating only meat, but the juice has feelings.In the house, I make the juice which I added a carrot, an apple, a mango to using a mixer.He do not eat the vegetables at all.The deep attachment to the fruit which will be the result is great.When temperature exceeds 25 degrees when it is summer even if I do not seem to hate it, it is a day of the ice.It is specialized in sherbet and, in the house, makes it, but the machine to make has an ice-cream cone.So I intend that he remodels the small refrigerator into the car and makes it. But there is not a place holding a refrigerator as the roadster is small.I decided to think about the next plan while ordering the second of the ice cream.It is a principle that he has two things which he liked.Of course it is not completely done restore, but has two Eunos roadster .It is blue, but another one is yellow today.When I choose the blue when I decide it coolly and want to light a feeling, I choose the yellow.He looks at the green roadster well in a town, but, as for the color of the green, he thinks that it is the most difficult color by car.An orange opposite to green fuses with nature, but there are few places that harmonize if green.After having talked for approximately 15 minutes including upsizing of the air filter and the straight change of the scarf, three people decided to go to the Rainbow Bridge first of all.Three people had the rapid curve that seemed to get dizzy and came to the center area of the bridge.The car could not stop, but it stopped at the edge by car and originally let you strike Tokyo Bay.The color of the Japanese sea is not interesting in dark blue unlike a southern country, but still it is said to remember something, and the sea is a place.The weather gradually improved, too, and the solar sunlight became strong, to t is anxious whether a car fades by nervous temperament, and he of az-1 does not have it.He think that he should not expose the car to the direct rays of the sun.readers feel it, but the painting is vulnerable to severe light.He of the Eunos roadster likes eating, and he always thinks about meat.He likes Chinese food.I have eaten three dishes of water gyozas before in Beijing.There are one around 30 smaller gyozas.The master of the shop rounded eyes, too, but he seemed to be glad of the real intention, too.

Car Art Illustration Yoshikawa(car art for sale)
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